Hello & welcome to Snugglepotts!

Snugglepotts is a privately owned children’s centre operating since 1998 in Camberwell. We are a registered long day care centre that focuses on quality over quantity within the childcare sector.

At Snugglepotts your child will be cared for in a holistic way, ensuring that all of your child’s needs are nurtured and complimented. Your child/ren will learn and discover their world through the essence of play within our stimulating play environment and our play based early childhood curriculum.

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We welcome you to visit our established centre and meet our fantastic and committed team of staff.



At Snugglepotts we care for children in a ‘home away from home’ environment.




Snugglepotts is committed to quality care and overall development of your child.



Partnerships with families

When parents participate in their child’s education, children see more similarity and less of a divide between their home and the early childhood setting and they see their family life as valued by the teacher.
(Eldridge. 2001)



Play based learning

During play at Snugglepotts, your child learns to deal with feelings, to interact with others, to resolve conflicts and achieve a sense of competence.



Early childhood educators

At Snugglepotts, our early childhood staff are there to facilitate and support children’s learning. This is done through interacting with children, as well as providing the appropriate play environment for your children to learn.




Research suggests that a child’s experience in their first five years sets the course for the rest of their life. (National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education & Care, 2010)


Our centre philosophy is based on the belief that each child is individual. Children learn through meaningful play and families/parents are the primary educator. Our centre provides a nurturing home away from home environment.
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Vision Statement

We are a partnership; the centre, the family, early childhood staff and children collaborate as a learning community.
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